NFA-LD Caselist 2019-20

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Welcome to NFA-LD Caselist 2019-2020

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This wiki provides a space for collaborative intel for the NFA-LD debate community.

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From any debater's page, you can save a cite entry to your "MyCites" list, which you can view with the link at left.

How to use this Wiki

HELPFUL NOTE: You can create cites in Wiki syntax using Verbatim.

On your school's home page, you can create new debaters by clicking the "Add Debater" button and filing out their name. Links to their respective Aff and Neg pages will be automatically created for you.

You are strongly encouraged to use wiki-syntax for your cite entries, such as that produced automatically in Verbatim. If you are pasting non-wiki data directly from Word, it will be unformatted text.

Basic guidelines for "heading" levels:
Heading 1 - Don't use, it's reserved for titles
Heading 2 - "Hat" or "Section"
Heading 3 - Block Titles/Argument Titles
Heading 4 - Tags

You can use many different types of wiki syntax to mark up your text. Most importantly, you can create headers in the wiki syntax editor by using multiple = signs.
=This would create Heading 1=
==This would create Heading 2==
===This would create Heading 3===
====This would create Heading 4====

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