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Davis & Elkins
San Jose State Thiagasingh Aff
Missouri State Evans Aff
Pacific Prasad Neg
Missouri State Evans Neg
Truman State Cecil Aff

Pacific Prasad Aff
Missouri State Kauffman Aff
Missouri State Atkins Neg
Western Kentucky Anderson Neg
Missouri State VanDyke Aff
Nebraska-Lincoln Dike Aff
Western Kentucky Keller Neg
Truman State Garret Aff
Lewis and Clark Ropp Aff
Hillsdale Bies Aff
Missouri State Eaton Aff
El Camino Le Barillec Neg
Missouri State Dickerson Neg
Missouri State Eaton Neg
Missouri State Dickerson Aff
Missouri State Kauffman Neg
Marshall Flinn Neg
Lewis and Clark Beveridge Aff
Nebraska-Lincoln Dike Neg
Missouri State Allgood Aff
Hillsdale Torsoe Aff
Central Michigan Butzke Aff
Central Michigan Scully Aff
Sacramento State Singh Aff
Western Kentucky Einhorn Aff
Western Kentucky Hanson Neg
Nebraska-Lincoln Quick Aff
Western Kentucky Welch Aff
Missouri State Engelby Aff
Western Kentucky Survance Neg
Nebraska-Lincoln McGee Aff
Capitol Boulas Aff
Western Kentucky Survance Aff
Western Kentucky Rivera Neg
Western Kentucky Anderson Aff
Western Kentucky Welch Neg
Missouri State Reeves Neg
Western Kentucky Einhorn Neg
Missouri State Morrison Aff
Missouri State Morrison Neg
Chabot Brown Aff
Missouri State Atkins Aff
Western Kentucky Stone Neg

Missouri State Engelby Neg
Missouri State King Aff
Nebraska-Lincoln Djingueinabaye Aff
Missouri State Hopkins Neg
Truman State Elder Aff

Sacramento State Ozomaro Aff

Pacific Fishman Aff
Nebraska-Lincoln Quick Neg
Utah de Freitas Aff
Utah Wojciechowski Aff
Western Kentucky Keller Aff
KCKCC Rose Neg
El Camino Le Barillec Aff
San Jose State Meixueiro Aff
Western Kentucky Hanson Aff
Western Kentucky Rivera Aff
Missouri State King Neg
Pacific Smithson Aff
Missouri State Hopkins Aff
Nebraska-Lincoln McGee Neg
Chabot Barakat Aff
Missouri State VanDyke Neg
Texas AM Grisham Aff
Purdue Case Aff

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